Why are you now mixing stuff for free for people you don’t even know?


I literally love to produce and mix, actually more even than recording tracks as a player or an engineer. I’m an experienced producer, but certainly not a famous one. So the call is out for stuff for me to mix. If material comes in that I can’t help or don’t have time for, I send it back. I particularly enjoy mix coaching, and the Covid thing gave me a chance to get good with online collaboration. Sometimes I mix stuff that comes in that I like for free. I like to work with new and unfamiliar stuff every once in awhile. And you meet new people.

If the client wants to participate or even just watch the mix, we have great internet collaboration tools for that. And if they want coaching, we can do that as we go. I'm remixing a lot of the TRC stuff from the 80s and 90s, and it's coming out really well. So much more we can now, with everything from Melodyne to drum replacement. And of course we have the chops to mix more recent stuff as well. All it takes to get started is an email to remix@trcstudios.com.