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Relocated to Nashville and ready to mix your stuff (and rescue your tapes).

From the opening of its first two studios in 1973, TRC was Indiana's leading audio recording and production company for 27 years. Reimagined in Nashville in 2016, TRC is now a private studio, reserved for the personal use of the founder and his friends.

Sessions are closed, but we love remote mixing and mix coaching. And we sometimes remix stuff we like for free. Click here to see if you qualify.

Plus, we're on a crusade to digitize everything ever recorded on deteriorating 24-track tape, and we've already done more than 300. Nobody's better at restoring and transferring music from tape. So check out the Services tab for information about tape transfers.

Elsewhere on the site is information about our studio, equipment, personnel, and history (bottom menu is complete).

The studio

TRC relocated within Nashville in January 2023. The new, larger Steve Durr room has a lounge feel. It's designed for music creation, mixing, and mix coaching, with an overdub booth rather than the previous large live room. The main monitors and monitor chain have followed us, as has the Avid S6 M40-32-9-D. Control Room Five also has the Studer 24-track and 2-track tape machines, analog channel strips (Avalon, Rupert Neve Portico II, Universal Audio 6176 and Trident 80B), and other processing gear (see the Gear tab).

“Mixing in an accurate yet friendly environment is crucial to music production. That’s why we're so grateful for what Steve Durr has done for us in Control Room 4a and now in Control Room Five.”
— Mike Schatzlein