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TRC Studios is now a private facility, and sessions are by invitation only. But we do sessions every week and accept mixing projects on a selective basis. To see about having us mix your stuff, click here. To discuss mixing, tape transfers or mix coaching send an email to We'll get right back to you.

If you are in Nashville or going to be in Nashville, send a note to and we'll see about getting you in for a session (record, overdub, or mix). We only work with friends, but we are making new friends every week.

Our Staff

Mike Schatzlein

Proprietor, Producer, Engineer
p: 615-788-2000

Mike Schatzlein, MD, is a former member of the rock band Reformation; a keyboardist, trumpet player and singer; a husband, father and grandfather; a heart transplant surgeon; a music producer; and a remix engineer. Of course, he’s also the proprietor at TRC Studios, where he pursues his passion of mixing and producing.

Jake Saghi

Producer, Player, Engineer
p: 719-231-6542

Jake Saghi started at TRC while still a senior at Belmont, and soon became our chief engineer. He has astounding engineering, producing, songwriting and performance chops. A wizard with DAWs, he is an accomplished performer on the violin, keyboards and bass. Once, you might have found him soldering Elco connectors at Garth and Trisha's place. Now, he produces a couple of hundred songs a year for television and for artists such as Kidd G and, after designing and directing the wiring of our new Studio Five, is on call at TRC.

Liz Schatzlein

Singer for hire

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