Are you an “in the box” guy or an “out of the box” person?

I’m a hybrid, but falling farther and farther into the box. Almost everything I record goes through an analog preamp, usually one with tubes. I love our tube LaChappells, and we’ve got Rupert Neve, Avalon, UAD and Trident 80B channel strips. Back in 4A, where we had a big live room, we had almost 60 high-end mics, and about the same number of preamps and channel strips. One of my favorite vocal chains is a CV4 or M149 into the Avalon and then an 1176. We can record to the Studer 24-track, but don't very often anymore.

The S6 is a superb tool for comping and mixing, we have hundreds of plugins, and of course we can route stuff out of the box to the analog outboard gear. And the plugins keep getting better. I liked our Harrison board and was going to get a couple of the new hardware Harrison 3232 channel strips, but Harrison had manufacturing delays and the UAD plugin is so good I just go with it when I want that sound.

Today you can get "that analog sound", if you want it, right along with the capabilities of Pro Tools on the S6. But don't try to take away my Rupert Neve MBP!